Hydrate. Sweat. Hydrate. Sleep. Repeat!

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Astrid Swan

September 9, 2019

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Hydrate. Sweat. Hydrate. Sleep. Repeat!

Well, we hear it all the time, once you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated!  As a trainer, I am always on my feet, teaching classes, training privates, driving in LA traffic and if I don’t plan right, my body suffers.  By the time you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. And once I have a headache or hear someone say they have a headache, my first response is “did you drink enough water?!”   I remind my clients what I tell myself: “Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!”

Two of my biggest tricks with staying hydrated are carrying around a reusable water bottle like the hydroflask and flavoring my water with CURE HYDRATION MIX.  If you workout or just sweat in traffic (or a combination of both like me), our bodies need more water! I love Cure because it contains natural electrolytes from Organic Coconut Water and Pink Himalayan Salt which helps replaces the sodium and potassium you lose during workouts.

The rule of thumb is to consume 8- 8 ounces of water every day.  When my alarm goes off at 445am, I hit the snooze button and drink 8 ounces of room temperature water while still in bed.  It wakes me up by flushing my system of waste and lubricating my joints.   For my day, I fill up 2 liters of water and add Cure Hydration mix to one of them.   This product is all natural with no added sugar, vegan friendly, gluten free and non gmo. Not to mention, it is as effective for hydration as an IV drip!  I keep extras in my gym bag in case my clients are in need of rehydration!  My current favorite flavor is Wild Thing/Mixed Berry!  It’s so refreshing in this LA heat!  I also recommend it for people who struggle with drinking water.  Skip the sugary liquids and add these easy individual packets to your water.  Repeat, “hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!”

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