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Training & Complete Nutritional Guidance

We live in a world where time seems to pass us by with family commitments, work deadlines, traffic and more. We often forget about ourselves but not this time. Astrid's innovative and dynamic approach to fitness, combined with high levels of energy, are some of the factors that create one of a kind workout experience. You will feel good, you will see results.

Group Classes

Astrid's group classes are a fusion of energy and knowledge wrapped in upbeat music mixes, creating one of a kind experience, which will leave you gasping for air and asking for more. It won't be easy but it will be rewarding. To check out Astrid's weekly class schedule, click here.

1 On 1 Training

With you in mind, Astrid will create a specific workout plan, that breaks down the body into sections, based on your specific needs and goals. Astrid combines various training techniques and exercises to prevent your body from reaching the plateau, allowing for better results in less time. This program, combined with proper nutritional guidance, will get you the results you want.

Speaking Engagements

Whether you’re looking to energize a crowd, empower your audience, or just have some fitness information delivered in a fun yet informative and engaging manner – Astrid can facilitate an event that fits your company’s goals and objectives.

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Let me start by stating that I have been fascinated with the pursuit of personal fitness since the age of 16 years old. I stumbled many times over the years, primarily due to my lack of education. With the pressure to look a certain way in high school I decided that dramatically reducing my caloric intake and increasing my cardio was definitely the way to go to lose weight. It made sense at the time, but of course, I was ultimately sabotaging myself. Sure, I lost the weight quickly, however, the results were never obtainable in the long term. After I completed my nutrition and fitness education, I started teaching a wide spectrum of group fitness classes from total body fitness, to kick-boxing and Hip-Hop. Through my journey I was fortunate enough to meet one of my greatest inspirations, Astrid Swan. This tall, blonde bombshell is no joke and she takes fitness and health coaching to another level. I remember moving to LA almost 3 years ago and taking my first Barry’s Bootcamp class with Astrid. My first experience taking her class was beyond amazing. Astrid meticulously creates well planned and researched weekly programs that hit every muscle in your body. I gravitated towards her teaching style, which incorporated isolated and compound movements which were game changing for me. She challenged me like no other instructor I’ve taken in the past, by holding me accountable during class and pushing me outside of my comfort zone. She constantly motivated me to be stronger, faster, and more fit. I felt personally challenged each and every class to impress her, and myself, with what I was capable of achieving during her workouts. After a few short weeks of consistently training with Astrid, I noticed an incredible change in both my body and my mind. The results I experienced from her workouts motivated me to adjust my workout schedule to match her teaching schedule. Each and every week, I got stronger and stronger. To put thing in perspective when I first started with Astrid, I was lifting 15 lbs for my medium weights and 30 lbs for my heavies during her classes. Today I’m pushing 35 lbs for my mediums and 60 lbs for my heavies. I am undoubtedly in the best shape of my life, and I am beyond grateful that I found my fitness inspiration and support in Astrid Swan.


I truly believe we are meant to meet certain people in our lifetime and Astrid is the most influential person that has helped change my life.  About two years ago I weighed 215 pounds and used every excuse not to take my health serious. There were many factors related to why I didn’t care and it escalated to create an unhappy and unhealthy person. I hit my rock bottom and it was time for me to take control of my life and start living the way I always imagined. Little did Astrid know, she was the key to helping me through this very difficult time. Initially, I thought that I was just going to continue with achieving my physical goals. As progressive, physical changes were developing, my mind was also effected more than I could have imagined. Astrid has helped enhance my confidence, character, personality, she's strengthened my will power, and have helped make me strong in mind, body, and soul. I absorb everything Astrid gives and it encourages me to want to improve each and every time I attend her class. Astrid has said, “your mind will give up before your body”. These words are true, honest, and come from the heart. Her passion is admirable and I thank her for helping me change physically and mentally. I have more integrity than I’ve ever had in my life and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been at 160 pounds. Astrid does more than instruct clients, She reconstructs lives and I am eternally grateful for crossing paths.


I have seen significant changes in my body since working with Astrid. Her classes are inspiring, fun and extremely effective. She pushes and challenges, beyond what I think I am capable of achieving. I always leave feeling that I have exhausted every muscle to its limit!! Anyone at any level would benefit from working with her!!


I moved into the city (LA) 2 years ago and didn't have a workout plan. My first trip to Barry's Bootcamp in Weho changed that! I was addicted because it pushed me and motivated me. Astrid's bootcamp classes are the best!!! I felt like a bootcamp snob because I tried to only go when she taught ... she's THAT good!! She inspires me to push myself harder especially when I feel I have failed and will NEVER let me give up. If I stop, she'll use info she knows like what I ate or where I'm going to push me AND IT WORKS! lol Her own physical fitness is an inspiration as well. Who wouldn't want to look like her!! :) Astrid, thank you for inspiring, motivating, and helping me reach my fitness goals even when I don't believe I can. You are the best!!! ❤


Astrid brings a rare combination of knowledge, enthusiasm, encouragement & fun to each of her classes which makes me push myself harder than I ever expected I could.  Quite simply, I'm not going to quit because she believes I can do it & I strive to impress her & make her proud.  Astrid's classes are very challenging & have allowed me to take my fitness to a level I would never have predicted.  I often feel like I'm in a one on one training session even though there are many others surrounding me.  I would guess everyone in Astrid's classes feel the same way.  When I finish one of Astrid's classes, I feel very proud of myself because I know I just did something really special for myself.  She's really funny too!


Astrid is by far one of the best Barry’s Bootcamp instructors I have taken in my almost two years of classes. I look forward to when she is in New York City teaching. I clear my schedule. Her energy and drive to get the best out of her students is one of the more stand out qualities she brings to each and every class. I never leave a Barry’s Bootcamp class feeling as if I had anything more to give and that is how you want to finish your workouts, exhausted yet satisfied. She is a model instructor for the fitness community.... (He Sweats She Sweats, NYCsweat)


I've never worked harder or seen better results than I do when I've had just one hour with Astrid. As a chiropractor I love that she makes sure my form is correct so I avoid injuries. Astrid makes it fun and motivates me to do my best. I've never had a trainer that cared as much as she does to discuss nutrition. It's no wonder Hollywood's elite seek her out!!


Before I discovered Astrid's workouts, I was convinced that exercise was not my thing. I tried a million different programs and couldn't stick with any of them long enough to see results.  After my first hour with Astrid, I was hooked.  It was hard and painful, but she motivated and inspired me to stick with it.  I dropped three dress sizes in two months and could run at speeds I never thought were possible.  Astrid makes working out fun, even when you think you are going to die.  The hour I spend with her is the best hour of my day.  I always leave feeling and looking better than when I arrived.  She's amazing.


Astrid is an amazing trainer who inspires me to do better each day & to want to come sweat for an hour, which is a miracle for someone who has never kept up on a regime before in his life.


As a trainer, I have never met anyone who makes you dig down deep inside yourself to find the strength, whether you like it or not, to push yourself to do things physically and mentally that you never thought you could…or would.  Astrid does this with a focused plan of your own personal strengths and challenges in mind and creates a vision for everyone to meet as a result of working with her.  As a client, she makes you "WANT" to get yourself fit and strong.  Once I saw what she inspired me to do, I wanted her to come work with some of my clients at Freshology who were looking for a trainer to get them to the next level.  Astrid did not disappoint and I know with all the clients we will send her way, they will be inspired, pushed, worked and stretched to their own limits to get results they never thought they were capable of reaching - which is what everyone dreams of…


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About Astrid

Astrid is a highly sought after Los Angeles based personal trainer, fitness model, and athlete. She is committed to helping people of various levels of fitness be their best, while looking good and feeling great. Whether your goal is to be lean and toned, or build some crazy muscles, Astrid will get you there. Her workouts are addictive, innovative, and the results speak for themselves. Astrid's personality will put you at ease when you train with her; she has a way about her, even during the most intense moments of your workout, that will make you smile.

Astrid began her career as an international model at the age of 15. During that time, she made a choice to live a healthy lifestyle. In a business where you are judged by your appearance, Astrid had to create healthy habits of eating right and working out, which made her stand out in a sea of eating disorders and body dysmorphia. With confidence, hard work, and dedication, she not only started training herself, but other models as well, who had never worked out before. Astrid believes we all can become confident and happy within our own skin.



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